What’s Popping in Online Dating Industry?

Miami hosted this year’s annual iDate Conference, an event recognized by only a few people. The fact that the dating industry has its own conference is a shock to many, but when over a thousand online dating websites have their eyes on billions of dollars in revenue, its seems right for those in the business to get together, network and share ideas

So while online daters feel that the site owners aren’t paying attention to their opinions, the truth is; they are taking note of the customer’s plea despite the fact that they’ve been reluctant to act.But if you’re still not convinced they are listening, try to ponder over this; the number of dating companies implementing the move to clean up cyberspace has increased significantly.  And for your info; from last year, dating sites have been insisting on Background Checks to ensure you know well who you’re hooking up with.

2017’s iDate Conference was promising.  One of the leading presentations was made by a group of online dating experts from East Coast, led by a couple— Mark and Esther Ezra. They explained that Honesty Online is geared towards verifying the most vital characteristics in a person – marital status, weight, employment, STDs and many more. Undoubtedly, the most inclusive background check so far. And they’re positive that by ensuring a stricter policy for online daters, they’ll reduce risks and many will be willing to verify their true identity.

Any recap of the events that go down on the days of the iDate forum is incomplete without a mention of what takes place on the podium of speeches.  Most of the speakers are known for calling the spade by its name and saying things some may view as provocative.

The ever-upfront Robert Fisher from Great Expectations didn’t disappoint.  Currently, he’s developing an idea that merges offline and online dating that he believes will influence the industry positively when it commences.

Other inspiring speakers included; Cupid’s Coach’s Julie Ferman who insisted that listening to the consumer’s voice is a good way to improve your bottom line, and Online Personals Watch’s Mark Brook, who was all out to fight for the concept of integrity.

Wrapping Up

Indeed, with all these efforts and insights, we can tell the dating industry is up for a brighter future. Getting a dating merchant account is also relatively easy these days for those looking to venture. And for consumers, there’s no need to go on with the negative criticism, let’s give the professionals time to grow and better things for us.

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